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MSD8727CT Digital Soft Touch HEI Rev Control Limiter

by MSD

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MSD8727CT Digital Soft Touch HEI Rev Control Limiter 

MSD Circle Track Digital Soft Touch Rev Limiter 8727CT

MSD has designed a rpm limiter that is a cost efficient and chip free. No more messing with individual rev limiter chips! With many dirt track racing sanctioning bodies across the country instituting a mandatory rpm limit in several classes, MSD has used the feedback of these tracks over the years to design the perfect rpm limiter designed for the Saturday night racer!

The new MSD Digital Soft-Touch HEI Rev Limiter is designed to plug into nearly any HEI distributor and produce an accurate, smooth rev limiting action. The rpm limit is adjustable from 3,000 – 9,900 rpm via two rotary dials with an easy-to-view LED to display the value. A unique feature of this limiter is its ability to record the highest rpm reached during a race. This is useful information for the race team, as well as tech officials. Also, if the Limiter loses any connection or is manipulated during a race a fault code will be displayed.

The Limiter is encased in epoxy for protection against the abuse of dirt track racing.


  • Plugs into nearly any HEI Distributor
  • Adjustable Rev Limit from 3000-9900 RPM
  • Records highest rpm reached during race
  • LED Display