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Teo Fabrications Inc Est.1988

Our Core History

In 1988, Bobby Hearn’s Fabrication business set the stage for the current look and style of the Dirt Modified racecar. Thirty plus years later and Bobby’s chassis design is doing the same thing. Teo Fabrication has a rich history in Dirt Modified racing. The main goal at Teo since its inception has been to create a safe, quality racecar that can outperform any of the competition. The standard of excellence in design and workmanship implemented by Bobby Hearn in the early days is still at the foundation of the company today. Continually moving performance forward through design is and always has been at the core of Teo’s DNA. Teo has been an early adopter of the latest available technology to create cars that win for their customers. With the use of CNC machines and robotics, Teo has been able to design and produce the highest quality car in the marketplace, which are now identical from one to the next. Our team today is focused on innovation and using the available technology to develop a racecar that allows Teo drivers to have the competitive advantage. Matt Hearn has been at the forefront of ushering in the new era of CNC and computer-aided design software to create these cars and parts, which are virtually identical and repeatable in production. Our team is packed with experienced engineers, welders, and fabricators who provide the highest quality products and support for all of our customers. 

About Us
About Us

As Teo continues to move forward, our commitment to our core values remain the same as they did in 1987…when you drive a Teo, you know you’re driving the safest, most advanced Dirt Modified car available on the market today with the support of Teo’s entire organization behind you. 


Introduce our team

What We Strive For at Teo



Innovate new technology and high quality parts to create the highest quality Dirt Modified on the market as they did with the original Pro Car.



A Chassis and Suspension that is very user friendly engineered with the Everyday Racer in mind.



All of our customers and drivers with technical support and setup sharing to keep all teams up to date



Explore new ideas with research and development to strive to take our chassis to the next level