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CNC Router Cutting

CNC router cutting aluminum, plastics, and wood has never been easier. If you can dream it, we can cut it on our 6ft x 12ft router table. Submit CAD files (.dxf) to or call 973-764-550 for a quote today! 

Custom Steel Fabrication

Contact us for all of your custom fabrication needs. Our Team can design and fabricate all of your custom steel needs. Call us today with your next custom steel project.

Custom Chassis Design & Manufacturing

Team with Teo to design & build your next chassis. We use Bendtech by Dragon CNC, a 3-D software, to design the chassis and generate material schedules. Bendtech then pares directly to our rotary CNC plasma torch to cut/ notch,  key & slot and mark bends on round tubing and box channel.  

Race Ready Race Car Assembly

Leave racecar assembly to the Dirt Modified professionals of Teo Pro Car.  We use only grade-8 hardware, the best lubricants, and lastest bolt on parts. Hit the track fully prepared with a turnkey raceready - safe & reliable! 

Chassis Setup & Consulting

With 30 plus years of experience in Dirt Modified racing, the technical staff at Teo Pro Car are experts in chassis setup and tuning. Our services include chassis scaling, spring smashing, shock package development, and weekly setup consultation. Call 973-764-5500 to speak with Teo staff member about tuning your Teo Pro Car. 

CNC Tube Bending

Programable CNC Tube Bender makes for consistent bends every time. We are equipped to bend 3/4" to 1-1/2" diameter steel tubing. Call 973-764-5500 for tube bending inquires. 


Our welding shop can handle almost any welding projects. Our experienced staff is capable of welding aluminum, steel, stainless and many other materials. We offer both MIG and TIG welding services and our staff is available for small repairs to large production.

CNC Machining

Our machine shop is equipped with two CNC Milling machines. Large or small, we can handle any job that requires the precision & accuracy of CNC machining. No G-Code, no problem - Our in house machinist can handle that. Submit your project to 

Shock Lab

Tune your suspension with the Shock Lab. We service & repair shocks and can create custom shock valving. Shock packages are available for all divisions.