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Bearing Spacer - 6 Pin Front Hub

SKU DRP007-10540

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DRP 007-10540 Winters Front Hub Aluminum Adjustable Bearing Spacer

Bearing spacers make the most difference of any low drag hub upgrade. Bearing spacers, properly installed, will provide an immediate increase in hub free spin, an improvement large enough to feel just by pushing the car around. And the benefit doesn’t stop there. Bearing spacers make the most difference when a side load, such as cornering force, is applied. Drivers have commented on how much faster a car with bearing spacers free rolls when entering and through the center of the corner.

In most applications bearing spacers eliminate the need for bearing preload, which is required without a spacer to prevent excessive hub end play.

Bearing spacers simplify and reduce hub maintenance. Spindle nut torque is no longer sensitive. In fact, with spacers installed, you can tighten the spindle nut as much as you want without overtightening the bearings. (We recommend 20-40 ft lbs.) Bearings will run cooler and do not need to be repacked as often.

Bearing spacers are simple to install. DRP Bearing Spacers have a threaded adjustment, allowing the user to quickly set bearing end play or preload. A set-screw locks the spacer at the desired adjustment. Once installed, they do not need to be readjusted unless you replace the hub or bearings.

Bearing drag varies depending on the amount of thrust load on the bearings. The outer corner (RF on circle track cars) has the highest thrust load, thus applying the most drag (or braking force) on the outside hub. This is the opposite of what you want to happen (applying more brake to the RF). Bearing spacers greatly reduce this additional drag.

Bearing spacers are used in virtually every application in professional motorsports. The only people that argue against their benefit are the people that haven’t tried them!


  • 200%-300% More Free Spin vs. No Spacer
  • Makes Servicing Hubs Simple & Quick
  • Bearings Run Cooler
  • Saves Time
  • Eliminates Bearing “Spin” on Spindle
  • Distributes Side Load Evenly Across Bearings
  • Works on Tapered and Angular Contact Bearings
  • Once Set, typically never has to be adjusted unless bearings or hub is replaced.
  • Precision Machined in the USA
  • +/- .001” Minimum Parallelism