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16 - 90 Degree Hose End

by Fragola
SKU F109016

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Hose ends may look like simple devices, but Fragola Performance Systems takes them very seriously. Fragola has spent several years researching, testing, and re-testing them to perfect the production of these Series 3000 race hose ends.

Features include:

* Unique one-piece design eliminates two brazed joints, minimizing potential leakage and improving flow and appearance
* Two Viton® O-rings form a redundant seal to ensure no-leak service for the life of the part and they are impervious to fuel, oil, and coolant
* Stainless steel lock wires to prevent galling and provide long service
* Wider wrenching surface for no-slip installation
* Tapered nipple for easy alignment and installation
* J gauge threads for increased strength and durability
* Bright-dipped anodizing for a show-quality finish
* Improved entry angle on the socket for easy installation
* Hose ends are manufactured from aerospace-quality aluminum and machined to mil spec tolerances