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14" Keizer 3 Piece Non Beadlock Wheel

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SKU KW15143

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A must for the Wide 5 wheel user! To date this is still the one and only 3 piece, Modular Wide 5 racing wheel. Late model, Modified's, Super Modified's and more have all figured out the huge strength advantages to this piece! Its unmatched strength and fatigue numbers are just the start of the benefits of this wheel. Stop tossing your wrecked wheels out and start fixing them! If a team wants to save money and put itself on a better product, this wheel is it. Its ridged design gives it the ability to outperform in strength, even with the lightest of wheel components. This wheel produces unmatched deflection and fatigue numbers in testing. The 3 piece billet center design gives it superior strength, yet allows it to be repaired in the event of a crash. A strong forged billet center is the backbone of this wheel and sets it apart from its competitors. NO more centers breaking! Visually, this wheel is a step above the rest. Testing proves it! Available for immediate delivery in all sizes and offset.