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Brake Rotors

Wilwood Disc Brakes produces over 120 different brake rotor diameters, widths, and styles for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more. We have applications for classic and modern vehicles, for street use, road racing, circle track, off-road, and drag racing, from better than OEM stock replacement discs to the ultimate high-performance big brake kits. Our rotors come in standard, slotted, and drilled and slotted styles, with one-piece OEM style designs, lightweight aluminum hat mount, or full floating dynamically mounted systems. Most of our rotors are superior high friction thermally stable iron alloys for maximum performance even at high temperatures. We even offer exotic carbon-ceramic composite rotors for high-powered street cars, and aluminum or titanium for some Sprint Car and Midget racing applications. Rotors are ventilated to run cooler, with up to 72 straight or curved vanes for maximum cooling and forced airflow. Solid drag race rotors are designed to get you stopped at the end of the strip while taking off weight to help you get there faster.